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Liu Bei [ 劉備 – 一代梟雄 ]
The founder of the Shu Kingdom. He sold fans and shoes for living before joining the army to stop to Yellow Scarf Rebellion (黃巾之亂). He swore brotherhood with Guan Yu (關羽) and Zhang Fei (張飛). His force was very weak at the early time and he had served Gongsun Zan (公孫瓚), Cao Cao (曹操), Yuan Shao (袁紹) and Liu Biao (劉表). He was called by people the Imperial Uncle (皇叔) because he was the uncle of Han’s Emperor Xian (漢獻帝), but who knows if this was true. His force became stronger after the joining of Zhuge Liang (諸葛亮) in 207. A year later Cao Cao attacked the South land and Liu Bei sent Zhuge Liang to Wu to make an alliance. The two forces combined together and defeated Cao Cao at the Battle of Red Wall (赤壁之戰). After this battle Cao Cao had to take a deep breath while Liu Bei started to gain more territories. He conquered the Jing State (荊州) and then eventually the Yi State (益州). A year after Cao Pi’s (曹丕) seize of the Han Dynasty’s throne (221), Liu Bei called himself the Emperor of Shu Han (蜀漢), as the continuation of the Han Dynasty. In 222, he attacked Wu to get the Jing State back (Guan Yu lost the state to Wu and was killed in 219), but was defeated by Lu Xun (陸遜). He retreated back to Bo Di (白帝), where he fell ill and died the year after at the age of 63. Before he died Liu Bei gave the total power of Shu to Zhuge Liang and expected him to help the heir Liu Chan (劉禪) in the future.


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