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One man’s trash is another’s treasure.

In the hectic world we live in, our “civilized society” produces tons upon tons of waste. Many dismiss these things as worthless and expendable objects that have no further use other than to be destined for the scrap heap. It is good to know that there is one man who takes our unwanted metal and crafts it into art. He is a recycled metals sculptor named Mario Mallari Jr. He has a passion for sorting through the waste of society, such as car parts, busted appliances, electrical parts or left over construction materials, then he re-shapes and re-spawns them into works of art. Like the mythological Phoenix of old, he takes what we have thrown away only to make our discards rise again from the ashes of waste in unique works of art. Hence, Mallari’s first solo exhibit has been titled “ArtSpawn” and is scheduled at the Indios Bravos Art & Antiques Gallery on 11/11/11. His craft gives renewed meaning and value to what most of us consider worthless junk. World class assemblage sculptor Jud Turner has described Mallari’s pieces as “very accomplished” and that Mallari has developed his own “unique style.”

To say that Mario is creative is an understatement. He has an inner vision that drives his inspired and dynamic use of found objects in the interpretation of his thoughts through recycled metal. It is as if the metal speaks to him, almost telling him exactly what to do, where to use the odds and ends that he must sift through, as creativity drives him to complete a new sculpture. He has a different outlook on the world. What we discard, he seeks out. He has a different awareness and value for objects that many people throw away. These things are gems to Mario. Even his kids know his value system and may bring him objects found on the street on the remote chance that even a small, insignificant item might be that missing piece he needs to complete a work of art.

I was first drawn to the almost rustic & earthy quality of his recycled metals sculptures when I browsed his works on the internet. They were indeed heavy metal works that oozed with testosterone. Heavy, robust and almost bulletproof, these are unique pieces of art that would appeal to the King of the Castle.

Traditionally, the castle is decorated by the Lady of the House. That being the case, his works would rarely find their way into any home in form of décor or art. His pieces are not traditional at all. You will not find them in the typical places that you will find art that pays homage to landscapes, still life, florals or the Mother and Child.

More likely, you will find the Mallari’s sculpture in the den or study — the domain of the King of the Castle as expressions of his personality. In the modern home, he who pays the bills must indeed be allowed his space and the expression of his identity through art that suits his status. Such sculptures are also at home in the corporate world, on or behind the desks of top executives or as installation art in the lobby of company headquarters or other such institutions.

At the recent Defense and Sporting Arms Show, Mallari submitted an assemblage sculpture titled “The Shooter.” It proved to be the most outstanding piece on exhibit at the art event of the show. The sculpture was very well received by thousands of people at the show and several manufacturers expressed interest in commissioned works. Mallari will also be designing trophies and awards for Gamo Precision Air Rifle competitions.

Mallari’s works are not always static pieces of sculpture, some are functional time pieces with working mechanisms, while others are innovative explorations into the potentials of recycled metal which incorporate moving parts. Some embody an almost childlike playfulness, while others draw their inspiration from a Master of Old, Leonardo da Vinci.

He draws joy when his works make people stop and take pause to dwell even briefly upon his creations. He rejoices when they smile upon discovering that a simple everyday object, a mere piece of scrap that has somehow found its way into a work of art. Young and old, his works touch us all in a very unique and special manner, transporting us away from the mundane and into a world of his creation. This, for Mario, is a joy that money cannot buy.
ArtSpawn will be on exhibit at Indios Bravos gallery, 178 Mabini Street corner Ortega, Addition Hills, San Juan. The exhibit will run through the 15th of December.

Mike Melchor

  1. guayja1 says:

    Love the art, Keep up the good work! Here’s my spotlight on your sculpture:

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